Surveillance in Personal Injury on the Rise

Surveillance in Personal Injury on the Rise

Surveillance in Personal Injury on the RiseWhen making personal injury claims, claimants often don’t realise what impact their social media activities can have on their claims. For most people, posting a simple Facebook or Twitter update about their life is an everyday occurrence. However, it is now quite common for defendant firms to search social media platforms for evidence they can use to imply your symptoms are exaggerated, even if they aren’t.

Defendant firms and insurance companies have been known to search your Friend lists on social media to see who you are friends with and whether you are linked to anyone else involved in your claim.

Our advice to clients is to always be aware that your activities could be being watched when you leave the house or that anyone could be reading what you post online. It may be worth checking your privacy setting on your social media sites just in case.

If you are unsure whether to post a certain video or status update, please check with your solicitor before doing so.

Cases in the courts

Locke -v- Stuart and another (2011)

A series of 9 road traffic accident cases were investigated after the insurance company used information taken from public Facebook profiles and compiled it into 3 lever arch files to present to the Court. The insurance company argued that the cars were crashed deliberately so that the parties could make personal injury claims. The Court found against the claimant and held that the accident had been manufactured.

Fairclough Homes -v- Summers (2010)

The claimant was found by the Court to have grossly and dishonestly exaggerated his injuries following an accident at work, after video surveillance footage was disclosed by the defendant’s insurers. His compensation was reduced significantly as a result.

How can we help?

If you have suffered a personal injury and believe that you have a claim then talk to our specialist personal injury solicitors, who have a wealth of experience. We can offer advice not only about the claim but about other things such as your social media activity. We have offices in Sheffield and Doncaster, but can help anyone in South Yorkshire.

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