Do you know where your charity donations goes?

The UK and in particular the Yorkshire area has a wonderful reputation of donating money to charity, a great character trait that we pride ourselves on. Charities unfortunately are not all built equal and its becoming extremely difficult to figure out which are the best charities to give to where it will make a real difference.

The charity commission has reported that more than half a 107 random sample of charities it looked at are missing vital opportunity to tell their story and explain their impact.

How Charities are failing

The criteria, the charity commission looked at was:

  • How charities are reporting on the public benefit requirement
  • Whether the accounts meet readers’ needs

Some of the key findings that the commission made should give an indication to why it’s vitally important to have a clear message and accounts.

58 of the charities (54%) did not meet the public benefit reporting requirement: out of those 58:

  • 13 failed the requirement as they did not describe the difference that their charity had made
  • 21 of those charities did not include the statement that they had complied with the public benefit requirements and read Commission guidance
  • 24 had done neither

 Meeting reader’s needs, the commission’s findings include:

  • 75% of the accounts were of acceptable quality in meeting the basic needs of readers
  • 27 of the charities however (25% charities) did not meet the basic standard.

Charities employ more staff in the UK than the car, aerospace and chemical sectors. Transparency to the public is a vitally important part of how charities operate. To have a more open operation could be a great way to show why you matter and perhaps place you higher on the publics priority chart.

We have seen in the past several charities have been confronted on video and uploaded to social media outlets. The videos include questions from the public to charity stands asking what the money collected is being used for, who benefits from it and also what % of money collected will go to charities. One of these videos make national news as they did not have any answers and we forced to move on.

‘Its important for charities to really shout about the good work they are doing, not just report the bare minimum in terms of compliance. Seeing the impact a charity has on the community and to tell its story can be a powerful thing. As they say if you don’t blow your own trumpet who else will!’  Rajinder Singh

Rajinder Singh is part of our Business Team assisting in dealing with a wide range of commercial matters including company and business acquisitions and sales, all types of contractual work, academy conversions and charity work.




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